Course curriculum

    1. Welcome message from your instructor

    1. Using Linux and Windows scripts

    2. Find the error by finding the issue

    3. Symbols

    4. Waiting is part of the game

    5. Be a detective

    6. Run and see the error while merging

    7. Pilot to poc

    8. Workarounds with access to multi pipelines

    9. Multi projects poc prototype pilot

    1. Using notion

    2. Delegate the work to others

    3. Using maps to come back ***

    4. Task switching using Lucid charts

    5. Enjoy the journey using Lucid charts

    1. Git pulls for on Premise machines

    2. Build agent and Google Translate

    3. Hosted vs. custom agents

    4. How to plan the build process

    1. Sending the post Lucid chart

    2. How to securely send a hard drive to the customers

    3. Send package with Fedx - Express Delivery, Courier & Shipping Services

    1. Enjoy the journey

    2. Congratulations

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